Do Not Hit Send by Mike Hughes

Do not hit send, oh please do not, 
Remember you've got to not make it worse.
Crap, the curse of my groggy head,
As I lay in bed and reason leaves.
My heart grieves and needs release,
So to find peace I hit send.  

And as the poem wends through the cloud,
it is spoken out loud as the next words are read.


In the dead of the night,
I lay in mourning at what might have been.
Feeling sorrow not so sweet akin to death,
Missing her warm body and her breath so near.
Remembering nothing so dear as her snoring,
Or the earthy smell of her hair soaring through my senses,
Releasing any pretenses of inhibition.

The vulnerability of her position seeming innocent and pure,
More than enough to lure me deeper into her arms.
And when she wakes her charms readily apprise,
That I am bewitched by her sunrise smile.
So we would lay for a while in the midst of our lovelust,
Forgetting all things that just did not matter.
Focusing on the patter of our hearts,

All of our entangled parts wanting to stay entangled.
It is then my mangled mind comes to,
And I remember we are through with us as we were.
Suddenly the purity feels unpure as I again am alone,
And she is gone from my life.
Cut from me like a knife cuts a string,
And I nurse the sting of my solitude.
As my mood and thoughts continue to mill,
In the still of the night.


Now hoping these words might not have been read,
My heart filled with dread at what feelings they would provoke.
So my mind spoke to me again as if to repeat,
You should have hit delete, but definitely not send.